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Thai ( chalāt ) ; adj. Smart








About Us

Chalard is a technology company founded in 2016 by two veterans in the computer/internet technology. The company is based in the USA and Thailand. With a deep understanding and extensive experiences in computer technology, we are equipped to provide technological solutions as well as create unique products that bring benefits to both individuals and/or businesses. Chalard is not a software or a hardware company. We are a technology solutions company. We believe that to grow and thrive, we have to know to adapt, integrate, and innovate.

The two major factors that motivate us to start Chalard are the passion for technology and hardware advancements. First, we live and breath anything to do with technology and want to create something great, but, always be mindful of the impact on nature and the environment. Second, the advancements in the embed and the rapid-prototyping technologies. These advancements allow smaller companies with visions to develop, test and implement solutions quickly and with a much lower cost than ever before.

The internet, arguably, has the greatest impact on our lives. Almost everything is becoming dependent on the internet. Many devices including your smartphones are always connected to the internet or "the cloud.” Currently, there are many emerging cloud-related technologies that have great potentials. Some are listed below:

  • Internet of Things (IoT)

  • Artificial Intelligent (AI)

  • Voice Control Platforms (VCP)

At Chalard, we are continuously exploring and evaluating the emerging technologies to determine how they can benefit peoples lives or businesses. We always look to partner with others in the industry in order to broaden and strengthen our solutions and our products. Currently, we are granted a member of IBM PartnerWorld which enables us to take advantage of their AI platform (IBM Watson).

We've launched our first project called SmartTerra via crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and have successfully raised the funding. We are in the process of refining and manufacturing the product to deliver to the market. Below are the projects that we are working on or in our pipeline:

  • SmartTerra

  • SmartWall

  • SmartAqua