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SmartTerra is the world’s first autonomous terrarium. Through the use of technology, it provides a dynamic growing environment for your plants.

Don’t have a green thumb? That’s not a problem thanks to the SmartTerra.
— Digital Trend
Sometimes there’s nothing nicer than curling up in front of the window with a coffee and staring out at the rain or the sunset - but the weather can be notoriously uncooperative.
— New Atlas
This natural ecosystem is not only connected but it has features you can’t find anywhere else.
— Garden and Culture Magazine

Key Features

Perfect growth environment enabled by technology

SmartTerra automatically maintains the climate within by controlling lighting, temperature, and humidity. Sensors continuously monitor the vital conditions of your ecosystem.

Realistic simulation of the outdoors

Watch the sun rise and set inside SmartTerra from the comfort of your home. Summon rain and thunderstorm at the touch of a button. Finally, top it all off with an accompanying soundtrack.

Control and customization via mobile application

Personalize all aspects of SmartTerra such as the light cycle, rain cycle, and soundscape through the app. It will also notify you when it is time to fill the water tray, add nutrients to the soil, or change your filter.


- High CRI LEDs

- Water Recirculation System

- Air Circulation & Ventilation System

- Stereo Speakers with Bluetooth Streaming



Maintaining a terrarium has never been easier.

  1. Assemble SmartTerra through a few easy steps

  2. Populate your terrarium

  3. Power up and connect to the app

  4. Add water to the tray

  5. Sit back and enjoy


Set Up

What types of plants grow best in SmartTerra?

Typical terrarium plants, ferns, and mosses.

Can I put fish, reptiles, or amphibians in SmartTerra?

The current version of SmartTerra is not designed for pets. SmartTerra cannot house aquatic pets because the water in the tank drains into the tray. However, with certain modifications, you can make it work for tropical animals (which prefer humid environments). Please contact us for suggestions.

In the future, we may develop add-ons such as heating elements, UV-lighting, and biofilters to provide a habitable environment for common pet reptiles and amphibians.


Will I need to fertilize my plants?

You should fertilize your plants about once every three months. The app will remind you when you need to add fertilizer. The starter kit includes fertilizer, and additional fertilizer can be purchased from our website.

How much water do I put in the tray and how often?

As you fill the tray, you can see the water level through the indicator. Depending on the types of plants you have, how often you have to add water will vary. On average, it is every 3 weeks. But don’t worry, the app will remind you when it is time to add water.

How do I clean my SmartTerra?

You can wipe down the tank with a damp paper towel. For major clean ups, the tank can easily be removed from the base.


Do I need to have a smartphone in order to use SmartTerra?

Yes. Communication with SmartTerra is done via our App, which can be downloaded for free on both Android and iOS.

Does SmartTerra need to be plugged it or is it battery operated?

SmartTerra needs to be plugged in. It runs on a power adapter which is provided.

Is there an air filter in SmartTerra? If so, how often do I have to replace it?

Yes. The air filter can be rinsed and reused. A new air filter can also be purchased from our website.

What if the LED lights go out?

LEDs are designed to last. You do not need to worry about them blowing out like regular bulbs.

Behind the Scenes

SmartTerra took several years to design and develop. We built a couple of prototypes and kept refining them into the SmartTerra you see today. The idea is to keep all the technology out of view and let the plants shine. However, what's hidden inside is pretty cool:

  • High CRI LEDs and WS8212 LEDs

  • Humidity and temperature sensors

  • Capacitive sensors for water level and soil moisture

  • BLE communication for app and streaming music

  • Stereo Speakers

  • Quiet water pump

  • Air circulation alongside the tank to keep away condensation and filter the air through the plants

  • Water recirculation system